COMING in EARLY 2022!! MMRM: Middle Market Risk Manager(SM) Designation Program

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MMRM: Middle Market Risk Manager Designation Program

The First Ever Insurance Industry Middle Market Professional Designation

The Middle Market Risk Manager (MMRM) designation is the first credential of its kind for professionals in the insurance and financial services industry who need to possess the skills and specialized knowledge to serve the requirements of today's dynamic, growing midsize companies. The designation contains CE-accredited content that actively engages participants through case study analysis, team-building and role-playing on the specific needs and concerns that middle market companies face in today's market.

The MMRM designation is the insurance industry's recognition that the more than 200,000 companies that make-up the nation's middle market segment are key contributors to the vitality of the U.S. economy. As such, these companies deserve specialized risk management insights and expertise geared to their needs as they expand domestically and internationally.

Why Are Middle Market Organizations So Vulnerable?

Middle market organizations face current and emerging risks that can be difficult to manage. These risks include cyber attacks; increasingly frequent and severe natural catastrophes; and the inability to attract and retain quality employees, executives and board members. 

For example, the financial resources of middle market organizations are usually stretched thin. These organizations typically don't have the kind of access to debt and equity markets that bigger companies enjoy. So, when a catastrophe occurs, like an extended business interruption caused by the pandemic, middle market companies typically can't survive very long. Compounding the problem, these companies don't have the kind of risk management or insurance-buying expertise that large companies often do. This designation provides advisors to middle market organizations with the skills they need to provide this expertise.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for the MMRM Designation?

A broad range of advisors will gain value from this designation, including bankers, attorneys, accountants, financial planners and other advisors who serve middle market organizations and provide or advise on property and casualty; life; health and accident insurance benefits.

What Do You Gain with the MMRM Designation?

The MMRM designation will prepare you with the skills and knowledge necessary to work with middle market organizations. Successful completion of the program earns the participants the Middle Market Risk Manager designation. In addition, participants cab earn up to 26 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credits and will have access to additional Zurich CE-accredited programs as a designation alumnus.

Middle market organizations include public and private companies, family-owned and operated businesses, for-profit and non-profit entities, and even portfolio companies owned by private equity firms. Middle market organizations also operate in all industries, including technology, healthcare, construction, financial services, retail and hospitality. Finally, while there is no universal definition of the size of a middle market organization, the designation program generally defines it as an organization with up to 5,000 employees and revenues between $50 million and $1 billion annually.

What Are the Courses Offered in the Middle Market Risk Manager (MMRM) Designation?

Through a broad view of the overall middle market insurance landscape, the MMRM designation program consists of nine CE-accredited courses of advanced training that incorporate case study analysis, team building and role playing, including:

MMRM 1: Understanding the Middle Market Organization

An in-depth analysis of the types of organizations and industries that characterize this market segment, the unique risks and loss exposures they face, and why they need specialized, highly trained advisors who understand and can respond to their needs. Course Length: 2 Hours / CE Credit: 2 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 2: Middle Market Organizational Structures

Middle market companies organize themselves as partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and through various other structures. This course explores the risk management implications and the advantages and disadvantages of these various organizational structures. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 3: Analyzing Financial Statements of the Middle Market Organization

The financial resources, obligations and performance of an organization are critical to understanding the organization's past. present and potential future prospects. This course helps the advisor develop risk management and insurance programming that is effective and meets the organization's unique budgetary needs. Course Length: 4 Hours / CE Credit: 4 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 4: Insurance programming for Current and Emerging Loss Exposures

This course reviews the most critical commercial insurance coverages typically needed by these organizations, and how such coverages can be designed to provide seamless coverage, while avoiding potentially catastrophic coverage gaps and deficiencies. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 5: Enterprise Risk Management for the Middle Market Organization

This course is based on the premise that risk management requires a holistic, enterprise-wide or Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach, with commitment and buy-in at all levels of the organization. This course identifies, prioritized and manages risk through a variety of strategies, including constantly monitoring and revising the ERM program when necessary. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 6: International Risk Management and Insurance for the Middle Market Organization

Middle market organizations participate in the global marketplace in various ways, whether it involves sending students or religious groups on foreign trips to establishing manufacturing and distribution operations in multiple countries. This course explains critical elements needed for a comprehensive, well-managed and compliant international insurance and risk management program. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 7: Executive Compensation and Employee Benefits Programs for the Middle market Organization.

All organizations need to attract, motivate, compensate and retain the best talent at all levels within the organization. This program reviews various effective executive compensation and employee benefits strategies. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits.

MMRM 8: Underwriting the Middle Market Organization

Collective accurate, meaningful up-to-date information on the middle market organization is often difficult. This course focuses on best practices brokers can use to secure the most favorable coverage terms at the best possible price for their clients. Course Length: 3 Hours / CE Credit: 3 Continuing Education Credits

MMRM 9: Protecting Against Insurance Malpractice Claims

About 1 in 8 insurance professionals are sued annually. This course reviews strategies advisors can use to avoid, mitigate and manage the risk of malpractice claims. Course Length: 2 Hours / CE Credit: 2 Continuing Education Credits.

How Much Does the MMRM Designation Cost?

The MMRM designation program is built on nine courses, and the cost of each course is $399 (USD). This price is all-inclusive for all course materials. instructors, CE Credit certification and case studies.

How Do I Register for the MMRM Designation Program?

The program is launching it's official registration site on January 1, 2022. Class schedules will begin as early as February 2022. If you would like us to send you updates on the class schedules and registration process.....